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Full Version: Best/Worst of the draft
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Who is the best pick made last night, and who is the worst pick made last night?
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Perry Jones at 28 was the best value pick in the draft. Jury is still out on whether or not he can become a player, but in that environment? He doesn't have to be anything other than just another guy. If he pans out, you have a dynasty. Great pick for the Thunder.

The worst pick was probably Terrence Ross for the Raptors. I think he was a reach at 8, especially when they already have a SG in DeRozen. Houston's last two picks were also confusing to me. They picked Terrence Jones and Royce White, two PF's. Not sure either guy has the ability to play the 3 spot for long durations without hurting their team. I'm skeptical. The Jeremy Lamb pick was great though. He's the best SG in this draft IMO, at least top 2.
Waiters was a pretty massive risk for the Cavs. I like his game but obviously anytime you take a college 6th man with the #4 overall pick you damn well better hope it pans out.

Big fan of Jeremy Lamb, thought a month ago his stock would have ended up way higher.
The Plumbee pick by Indiana was awful. I half expect Kidd-Glichrest to flop just because of who drafted him. I also didn't get the Rivers pick at all.

On the plus side, I really love the Perry Jones pick. I also really like what the Celtics did with Sullinger and Melo.

I'm very skeptical of the Rivers pick, especially since the Hornets intend to use him @ PG. Doesn't seem like that's going to do a lot to help Anthony Davis grow and develop on the offensive side. I like Rivers offensive talent but not as a 1.

Houston came out with a nice crop of talent in Lamb, Royce White, and TJones.
Best single-pick has to be Perry Jones. That's pretty much no risk for OKC and potentially a really high reward. I like what Houston did too, all of those guys are legit talents. We'll see what they do with them, their roster is in a state of flux.

There are a few odd picks in there.

Cleveland taking Waiters was a reach. I wouldn't say it was the worst pick just yet, but it was odd. He certainly has some skills; he can get to the rim, is a legit defender and has some range on his shot. However, he didn't exactly shoot a good percentage when he got to the basket (51.5% according to his draft express video). He's a pretty streaky shooter as well. Seems to me that Barnes would have been a better fit, Irving could set him up like Marshall did.

Assuming Gordon stays, I'm not a big fan of the Rivers pick. I don't know how those two co-exist as I said in the other thread. However, if he's another Jamal Crawford, it's hard to say that's bad value at 10.

I think the two main contenders for worst pick have to be Maurice Harkless and Miles Plumlee. "Moe" just seems like an awful fit in Philly, they have numeous other small forwards that also have questionable shots but superior offensive skills.

As for Plumlee, it seems to me that Indiana could have gotten someone more useful than a guy that projects as a backup big that's short on skill and upside. This is especially true since Jones was still on the board, they didn't need him to produce right away given their already solid big man rotation and they could wait on his upside.
Best 2 picks- Perry Jones to OKC, and Thomas Robinson to Sac

Worst 2 picks- Dion Waiters to Cle, and Moe Harkless to Philly. Dishonorable mention, Plumlee in the first round. I myself am a Plumlee fan but taking him over Perry Jones is just dumb.
Best Value: Perry Jones III to OKC, Teague to Bulls, Lamb to Rockets.

Dumb Picks: Rivers to Hornets, Waiters to to Cavs, Plumlee to Pacers, Harkless to Sixers.

Expected Great Picks: Anthony Davis to Hornets, Beal to Wizards, Robinson to Kings, Barnes to Warriors.

Best Sleeper Picks: Ross to Raptors, White to Rockets, Sullinger to Celtics, Miller to Nuggets, Denmon to Spurs.
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