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Full Version: Drunk Thread
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speak your mind

all of your ideas are good ones and ought to be shared with the group
YES! Its my birthday week so I'm sure, if I remember about it, that I'll be making a visit here a few times with my Rose-Butler-Smith-Taj-Noah ideas
I come as advertised, drunk as s*** and i didnt pay a dime! f*** the heat and im tryna make a rhyme

Asiks ass's whack, i dont want his ass back, 15 mill what kinda s*** is that?

His hands aer butterfingers, he cant catch the ball, he does what every 7 footer does and slams on ya'll

f*** im white i got now business rappin, so imma quit snappin.

I had to do somethin here its my fuckin birthday and this s*** was made for me...and on this day, the day of my birth, not a single f*** was given.
why does fuckin work but not f***....f***
Lets talk about me being drunk. Ive wrapped the last 5 years of my life up into a I have a problem, am i living life right? This isnt boo hoo s***, THIS IS REAL!

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