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Full Version: Summer League Games
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Title and description explain it all, todays the first game of the summer league for the Bulls. Anyone know how I can watch it? I sadly do not have NBA TV, I noticed they have been showing games.

A lot of interesting names I wanna see play.
Jimmy had 25 points, 7 rebounds, 3 assists.

Doesn't mean a whole lot in the summer league, but nice to see.

Also, his knack to get to the line stayed true. Had 12 free throws.

If Jimmy can improve his shot, he'll be a really nice piece to have.
On friday on NBATV...I think 3:30 Central.
Jimmy still looking good.

We Thomas needs to be the 5th big. Dude reminds me of Taj, shorter but with better athleticism.

PG - Hinrich/Teague [Rose]
SG - Rip/Bellinelli
SF - Deng/Butler/Radmonovic
PF - Boozer/Gibson/Thomas
C - Noah/Asik-Nazr-Stiemsma-Darko (whoever is signed)

I think that team can tread water until Rose returns and if Rose does his otherworldly things and is back to being himself by the playoffs, I'll be happy.
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